Removing The Simpsons

Removing The Simpsons

An episode of The Simpsons where Bart, Lisa and Maggie never existed

I won’t bother with this one as it’s nearly identical. Maggie has no dialogue and she’s included in the missing kid list.

So, lets just delete Homer from existence. That won’t cause any issues, surely.

An episode of The Simpsons where Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Homer never existed

The episode begins with the Simpson family house sitting empty and abandoned. The town of Springfield is bustling with activity, but no one seems to notice the empty house. Suddenly, a blinding light fills the house and a strange, otherworldly sound fills the air.

Suddenly, a group of strange, alien beings appear in the living room of the house. They are tall and humanoid, with glowing eyes and long, flowing robes. They look around the empty house with interest.

Alien 1: (to the others) This is the place we have been searching for. The residence of the beings known as the Simpson family.

Alien 2: (looking around) But where are they? We were told they would be here.

Alien 1: (shrugging) Perhaps they are not here at this moment. But they will return.

The aliens start to explore the house, examining the furniture and decorations. They are clearly fascinated by the human artifacts they find.

Alien 3: (picking up a photo) Look at this. These are the beings we have been sent to study. The Simpson family.

Alien 2: (picking up a TV remote) And this is the device they use to control their entertainment. Fascinating.

As the aliens continue to explore the house, they start to notice other strange differences in their world. The town of Springfield is different, the Simpson family house is different, and even the TV shows and movies they watch are different. They realize that their entire reality has been altered and they are trapped in a strange alternate universe.

Alien 1: (confused) What is happening? This is not the world we were expecting.

Alien 2: (frowning) I do not know, but something is very wrong.

The aliens start to panic and search the town of Springfield for the Simpson family, but they are nowhere to be found. They try to contact their superiors, but they are unable to reach anyone. They start to fear that something terrible has happened to the Simpson family.

Alien 3: (terrified) We are alone in this world! What are we going to do?

Alien 1: (determined) We must find a way to fix things and restore the reality we know.

The aliens continue to search for answers, but they are trapped in their alternate reality. They start to panic and despair, realizing that they are doomed to be trapped in this strange world forever.

Alien 2: (crying) We will never find the Simpson family! We will be trapped in this alternate reality forever!

Alien 1: (angry) No, we cannot give up! We must find a way to fix things and restore the reality we know!

The episode ends with the aliens still searching for answers, determined to find a way back to their normal lives and undo the changes that have been made to their world.

What. WHAT? Aliens? Where did they come from? Yes yes, space. But I mean in the story. I can take this even further, however…

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