Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Hurrah! Jim in Beanton was online this evening, and so I managed eight trips over to his town to sell my turnips for 460 bells each. ACES!

Just as well, too, as my Nook offered me just 117 for them. I swear he hates me. One of these days he’s going to wake up with the severed heads of Timmy and Tommy beside him…

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

You may have noticed I’ve not really played much in the way of games in the last few days. That’s because my PC’s hard drive has some bad sectors and I’ve been making sure everything is backed up before I take the plunge with a new hard drive and reinstall everything.

Anyway. Turnips were 122 bells today, which was (quite frankly) obscene, so I didn’t sell. Gave Margie yet another shirt, but still don’t have an aurura knit for Nan. No skull shirt yet either, but I’ve completely forgotten who it was who wanted one now, and I haven’t been asked for one again.

Popped over to see Red briefly, who had turnip prices at about 192 bells, but didn’t sell there either. He also insisted I saw his shark. Nice.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

After a bit of a hunt, I found the other spy (there was a load of caverns under the other spy’s house, but I had to wait for a specific time of day for him to appear) and killed him until he be dead.

After that, I went back to see Sean Bean and he sent me of on another quest – to find a daedric artifact. Before starting off on that, however, I went back to my house in Bravil and dumped a load of stuff there. Also made a few potions (although nothing very exciting), and organised my inventory.

Oh, and then I went and killed all the Bravil guards. As you do. They loved it.

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Still no decent turnip price in Cheese this week, with Nook offering me 72 bells today. I don’t know why I bother – it is hardly ever worth selling them “at home”.

Bunnie has decided to stay, it seems, as she was unpacked again today. Oh well. Jay is still ill. That’s over a week now. Maybe he’ll die? Or she. It is hard to tell with some of the animals. I mean, Margie turned out to be a boy, and clearly-male Robin is a girl!

Animals were after clothes I didn’t have again. I’ve ordered Margie a blue grid shirt, but I still haven’t seen an aurora knit or a skull shirt.

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Rubbish bellage offers again today, with Nook suggesting 84 bells per turnip is a good price. My heart shirt arrived, so I gave that to Margie, and made a half-hearted attempt to convince Bunnie to stay in Cheese.

Also found four fossils, and sold them. I have all the fossils in the museum now, so they’re only worth collecting for the bells. Crazy Redd was about, but had nothing in stock that I wanted. Didn’t do much else, aside from talk to the animals.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

Played “properly” today, rather than kill everyone in sight. I loaded a pre-slaughter save, you see.

So, first task was to visit the woman in the Mystic Archives again, and she told me to come back later. I decided to wait around, and Amusei found me and told me I needed to see the Grey Fox in Cheydenhal. Off I went, and started the next Thieves Guild quest – to find the boots of Springheel Jak. Except he’s dead, and was buried in them.

His tomb was under a house in the Imperial City, and was guarded by a load of vampires who kept infecting me with vampirism, so many reloaded were required. Once I got the boots,

Spoiler Inside SelectShow
happened, and then I returned to the Grey Fox.

By now the Mystic Archives woman could offer me more information on where to find the Mystic Dawn, but I’d already figured out the “puzzle” by myself. Soon found the location of their cave, and off in I went. Slaughtered everyone inside (my sword of Shock helping somewhat!) and nicked a book that took to Sean B…uh, Martin in Cloud Ruler Temple. I was then told there were spies in Bruma. Found one, and killed her, and now have information on where a second one is…

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Didn’t play for too long tonight, just long enough to check turnip prices (just 74 bells) and to visit a load of my animals. Didn’t have any clothes to give them (again), but did order a heart shirt for Margie. Bunnie wants to move out too, it seems. She can go, I suppose. I have her picture now!

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

The first thing I did today, was go to Anvil’s castle to see the smithy and sell the few stolen items I had. I bought some cheap, crap, light armour from him, and then went outside and repeatedly summoned a demon, had it attack me, and then repaired the damage. The reason? To boost my armory skills. I’m now a Journeyman, which lets me repair enchanted items – just as well, as all my armour and some of my weapons are enchanted.

I then decided it was about time I did the next part of the main quest. It has been some 45 hours play since I last did anything on it. I had to find four volumes of a book on daedra worship (or something). Books one and two were easy enough to come across, and three was obtained from daedric cult member who I “turned” to the light. The fourth, however, required delving into the sewers of the Imperial City, meeting someone else from the cult, and killing him. Book get!

After popping back to see the librarian at the Arcane University regarding the books, I then decided to enchant my sword (seeing as I can now repair it!). I can now inflict 18 points of Shock Damage with each blow (in addition to the strike), and make the recipient susceptible to Shock by 25% for 8 seconds, which is enough time to get another strike in for MASSIVE DAMAGE.

In order to test this, I saved my game, and went into the university grounds. And slaughtered EVERYONE – mages, apprentices, battlemages, everyone. All dead. Best. Sword. Ever. Hilariously, I was booted out of the Mage’s Guild (the organisation, not the building) for killing a mage, and so couldn’t open any doors in the university due to them taking my key. Which meant I couldn’t leave. ACES.

The Outfit (Demo) (360)


Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Today, I spent 1,100,000 bells on turnips, which cost 108 bells each. I have left them on almost every space of “hard” ground in Cheese, aside from where Crazy Redd pitches his tent. Turnipariffic!

It was also thunder and lightninging today, so I went fishing. I was hoping to get something good, like a shark or something, but no – instead, I got a pirhana, and loads of fish I already had. Rubbish.

Noodle Miner (Web)

Yes, it’s an advert for Pot Noodle, but it passed the time for five minutes: Noodle Miner

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Hmm. Kody has moved out (with no warning whatsoever), Lobo has moved back in from my wife’s town (although he’s moaning that I haven’t seen him in six weeks, even though it’s his bloody fault), and I got letters from animals from all over the place. ACE.

Still no sign of the knit that Nan wants. In fact, no sign of Nan either. Her house is there, and she’s “out for a walk”, but I can’t bloody find her anywhere.

Visited K.K. Slider, and he played me K.K. Marathon, which was completely pants.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

Another half an hour of searching later, and I finally found one of the tears. The thing about the tears, you see, is they’re pale blue and the size of a pea. The thing about the floor of Frostfire Glade, is it’s pale blue. So basically, you can’t see them unless you walk around randomly, looking at the floor the whole time. After finding the first, I managed to find the other four within about 20 minutes or so.

After that, I went back to Leyawiin to see the mage who wanted the tears, then went to Bravil to drop more stuff off in my house. From there, I town-hopped looking for someone to train me in Armory (as I have loads of enchanted items now, and I can’t repair those myself until I’m a Journeyman of Armory). When I found someone (in Chorral), I found I’d already been trained to my maximum for the level I was on, so went and slept in a bed in the Mage’s Guild taking me to Level 12. I boosted the same three stats as always. Did 5 lots of training, and then set off to find a cave south of Chorral to further another quest involving the twins at Weatherleah.

Basically, a Dark Elf had told me their father was a thief and had stolen a sword from the Count of Chorral. That in turn had been stolen by ogres at Weatherleah, and was now hidden in a cave. Found the cave, killed the ogres, and returned to Chorral. Didn’t give the sword to the elf, though – instead (as it was hinted to do so), I took it to the castle, and gave it to someone there. They were very relieved to have it back, and gave me a powerful enchanted shield in return. ACEBEST!

Went back to my house in Bravil again, and dumped some stuff – unneeded ingredients, my alchemy stuff (I don’t need to use them “on the road”), some old armour and my old shield. I’m much lighter now!

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

Started off with a few “housekeeping” tasks – emptying my pockets and putting stuff in my house. I then went round a few towns trying to find somewhere that’ll buy a bit of jewellry that I have, but since it’s worth 6,000 gold, and no-one will offer me more than 1,200, I gave up.

Decided then to do the Frostfire Glade quest, which involved walking to a cave north og the Imperial City, wandering through it, and then finding an area all frozen. I had some phials of frost protection, which was just as well as the frost slowly kills you otherwise. There was a bit ice guardian bloke to kill too, but with the 100% frost protection I had, his attacks did minimal damage. With him dead, I then stumbled across two people fighting, frozen in ice. I have to find some of “Garridan’s Tears”, which are crystals or something. I spent an hour looking for them and can’t find them anywhere. Bah.

Burnout Revenge (Demo) (360)

Uh, it’s just like Burnout Takedown on the Xbox, isn’t it? Well, the demo is at least. Yeah, so it looks a bit prettier, but it’s still in speedyfastblur-o-vision. I played the demo twice, and the level you play seems to have a few bits where the road branches a little (more so than just either-side-of-a-barrier like in older Burnout games), and the idea is to keep extending your time by causing takedowns. It was fun and everything, but I’m not sure it’s that much of an improvement over Takedown. Or Burnout 3, in fact.