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alt.binaries.comp.sinclair FAQ


This FAQ is Copyright 1999-2001 Andy Kavanagh. It MAY NOT be duplicated without MY permission. DO NOT include it on any CDs or other medium (like you’d want to anyway, huh?). You may link to it, and refer to it, however.

1) What is a FAQ?

It stands for “Frequently Asked Questions”. Generally, a FAQ contains loads of questions, and answers to them. It’s a time-saver really, so us lazy people don’t need to answer your questions all of the time – we just send you here instead 🙂

2) What is ABCS?

ABCS, or alt.binaries.comp.sinclair, is a newsgroup created by me for the use of everyone wishing to pass on binaries of anything Sinclair related. It was designed as a sister group to comp.sys.sinclair – a text only group covering more or less the same stuff. You can find the CSS FAQ here. Please read it too, as there is loads of info there which would only be repeated if put here.

3) What are binaries?

Basically, binaries are anything but plain text. For the purpose of ABCS, this includes Spectrum game snapshots, inlay scans, pictures, photos of machines, schematics of hardware, sound files, emulators, game remakes (e.g. PC versions of Speccy games), posters, box art, game maps, and anything else that can be linked to a Sinclair of some sort.

4) What Sinclair machines are covered?

All of them – and not just computers. The C5, Sinclair watches, radios and calculators are also supported, as are anything else with Uncle Clive’s seal of approval. As are some other machines, like the Jupiter Ace, the Sam Coupé, and the Russian Speccy clones like the Scorpion.

5) Where can I find more information about…?

As I said, the comp.sys.sinclair FAQ contains tons of info. You could try there.

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