2016 Game of the Year, The 2016 Game of the Year

And finally, the winner. I’ve presented to you the very best games of 2016[ref]Or at least, those I played in 2016, remember[/ref] in two previous posts, and now it’s time to tell you which game was best of all the animals. Not in my opinion, but in fact[ref]Facts mean nothing now, as we all know[/ref]. But before that, I just want to say a few words about some other games which didn’t make the Best, nor the Best of the …


So it seems that sometimes, the bad guys do win.

It’s hard to see right now what news is real and what is fake on either side of the reports coming out, but if Trump has indeed fired all his ambassadors and had everything regarding climate change deleted from the White House website already, then things are off to a terrible start.

Good luck, America!