Picross e4 (3DS): COMPLETED!

tumblr_n8rfiqffzf1svmpf2o1_400I was wrong. I was expecting e4 to be even bigger than e2, and from the sheer number of puzzles it certainly looked that way. But no, it was two hours shorter. Still longer than e and e3, mind.

I think my judgement was somewhat out as I worked backwards for the main part, doing the harder puzzles first. Which meant that even though I’d only done about a quarter of the picrosses (picrii?), I’d spent two thirds of the time on them.

Not that any of this is interesting, I just thought I’d mention it. After all, there’s not much to say about a Picross game, especially after four iterations.

e5 soon please?


Mii Force (3DS): COMPLETED

tumblr_n8nv0kdbn01svmpf2o1_1280A while back I bought all the additional Streetpass games, as they were in a sale and I’d done everything Streetpass Quest I & II, and the puzzle thing, had to offer. I’m glad I did too, as they’re all pretty good.

Mii Force is a shoot-’em-up where people you Streetpass become your weapons. Although it’s very short (which is why I’ve completed it, but am nowhere near completion with the other three games), it is very playable and each level is different – some clever gimmicks, some almost puzzle sections (if you want to reach all the areas of the level for treasure), and plenty of bosses.

I did find it very easy, so it’s not exactly Cave level of shootering difficulty, but that doesn’t really matter.


Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (Wii U): COMPLETED!

A_winner_is_you_Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition is an updated version of the original Guacamelee, with new areas and a new boss and some other new stuff. Apparently. I don’t know exactly what is new as I’ve never played the original. Or even been interested in it. When it came out over a year ago, I barely paid it a passing glance. Yeah, it looked quite nice, but was a PS3 title so it dropped off my radar and I forgot about it.

Then it was revealed that it was coming to more platforms this year, and I ended up reading more about it. Passively, until the magic “metroidvania” word was said. It’s like an instant interest trigger. When it was released on the Wii U, I pounced on it, and I’m glad I did because it’s one of the best games I’ve played this year.

Chozo_statues_here__metroidIt definitely is a metroidvania style game, but with added combo-fuelled fighting (the “‘melee” of the title) and more tricky platforming than is usual for the genre. But that’s fine, and they’re both great additions. As you’d expect, exploration of the world reveals new abilities (by way of “Choozo” statues, in one of several thousand Metroid references) which in turn allow further exploration of the world.

Soon your luchador hero (oh yeah, the whole game is Mexican wrestler/Día de Muertos themed) can do a massive uppercut, double jump, run up walls and fly horizontally. And turn into a chicken at will. Yes.

GOAT_FLYThese moves not only allow access to new and secret areas, but can also be used in combat to lengthen combos and assist in taking down certain foes weak to specific attacks. It’s a fighting game that requires a bit more thought than most.

In addition, the entire world is split between two geographically similar but graphically different planes – the land of the living, and the land of the dead. At various points in the game you’re taken between these two realities, but later you gain a power-up that lets you swap at will, flicking between two versions of the same area. Since some items, characters, platforms and dangers only exist in one plane or the other, swapping between two adds another layer to puzzles, exploring and platforming. Some of the most difficult platforming I’ve ever come across, in fact, once all your powers and abilities are available.

Majora_s_Mask_vs_Mega_ManFor example, there’s an area where you must flick between each plane (twice) while double-jumping, followed by an upper-cut, to land on a wall which only appears in one of the two planes. It’s about eight button presses in under a second, in a precise order while still “steering” your man, and you have to remember to hold a direction at the end or he falls off. In the Tree Tops area of the game, I failed to reach the prize because my fingers and brain simply couldn’t co-operate successfully to navigate the clearly impossible obstacle course and my game pad almost suffered a catastrophic industrial accident.

Bosses follow the same tradition as the 2D Castlevania games by being completely impenetrable until you actually watch carefully, take your time, and only attack when absolutely safe. When you know how to beat them, they’re a walkover, but until then you feel like you’ve hit the wall and want to rage quit. There’s nothing quite the same as the feeling when you finally best them. Especially the final one. Hoo boy.

AmazingDespite the frustrations in both battle and navigation, or perhaps because of them, Guacamelee is hugely enjoyable. Metroidvania games always have a pull due to how a new ability suddenly rejuvenates the game, pushing back bedtime just a little longer while you “just see how this works” and “I wonder if I can now reach…”. The actual game doesn’t really need to be particularly impressive in order to hook me with this mechanic, but as a bonus, Guacamelee is more than impressive in most respects.

The graphical style is beautiful. The music is a fantastic arrangement of Mexican themes. The story is interesting. There are funny characters and so many references to other games, not just Metroid. Everything comes together to be fun, fluid, and moreish. I enjoyed it so much that I completed it in but a few sittings.

tumblr_n8g4rmiqfk1svmpf2o1_1280It isn’t especially long (around 6.5 hours, my Wii U stats report), but I’ve stuff left to do provided my controller can remain intact for the remainder. I seems I bumbled into the bad ending, where I didn’t collect all of the mask. Naturally I didn’t know about the existence of the mask until after I’d beaten the final boss – another nod to Castlevania titles – so even after it’s done, the game still pulls you back for more.

Anyone know anywhere selling Wii U game pads cheap?


Pullblox World (Wii U): COMPLETED!

P.I.M.P.That’s clearly a pimp, not a boss. And it’s the final “main” level in the game. Which was really pretty difficult, mainly due to needing to set up so many blocks before you could progress to setting up other blocks. Having said that, I’ve had a few levels which I’ve struggled for half an hour or more on, and this took less than that.

With the main 120 levels done, and the end sequence watched (or rather, played – there’s a star-finding minigame over the credits), I’m still almost 120 levels short of doing all those available. I unlocked a new set after the credits, and there’s still the other game modes to do, so still plenty of game left.


Things I’ve been playing recently

tumblr_n7udoirp541svmpf2o1_1280Euro Truck Simulator 2 (PC)

My first ever Steam Sale purchase! Sadly, it isn’t as great as I thought it was going to be. The graphics are flatter and drabber than videos had led me to believe, the roads are samey and short, and you’ve little choice in the routes you have to take.

Still, driving all the cars off the road on the way to Belgium, then running down all the Belgians when you get there, never gets old.

tumblr_n7y3aztlhd1svmpf2o1_400Picross e4 (3DS)

Having completed Picross e3 recently, it was obvious e4 needed to be bought. It is, as you’d expect, just more of the same. More Picross. It has the Mega Picross puzzles from e3, and the Micross puzzles from e2 though, and certainly seems a much longer game than e3. So far the Mega Picross puzzles have been completely doable without resorting to educated guesses, so in all it’s a better game.

And you get 5 bonus puzzles for each of e, e2 and e3 that you already own too. I suspect they’re Mega Picross versions of “normal” Picross puzzles found in those games, as some seem familiar.

I’ve been jumping around the various modes so I can’t really say how much I’ve done so far, but perhaps a quarter overall?

Is_ita_bird_Is_it_a_fish_Nobody_really_knows.Pullblox World (Wii U)

It’s just like the 3DS version, only with different puzzles. Which is fine. It loses a little from not being in 3D, but gains a bit from a bigger screen. I’m almost certain that the 3DS game didn’t have an unlimited rewind too – it “ran out” – but here you can rewind all the way back to the start of your attempt regardless of how long you’ve spent on it.

It also appears that some of the levels are much bigger than in the original. Some are seemingly too big – as even zooming out doesn’t show half of it.

Apparently Pullblox World has something like 240 puzzles to get through. I’m on the final “page” of puzzles (with 10 on each page) right now, and completing them will total 120, so I’m not sure where the other 120 are…

StreetPass games (3DS)

The four additional StreetPass games are currently on offer (£8.99 for the lot, instead of about £15), so I bought them. I’ve exhaused Quest and Quest II, and apart from the occasional new picture, the puzzle game was finished long ago (and is quickly completed when there is a new one).

I’ve not spent ages on each so far, but some thoughts:

StreetPass Squad is a more than slightly enjoyable side-on shoot ‘em up. StreetPass’d Miis provide different weapons for your not-at-all Opa-Opa cloned ship, and the levels are varied and fun.

StreetPass Garden is a surprisingly deep gardening simulator, where Miis help you grow flowers and harvest seeds from them, with new breeds and hybrids and stuff to collect. There are tasks to perform by growing certain types of flower, and all sorts of garden paraphernalia to collect. I hated it at first but it soon opens up into a more enjoyable game.

StreetPass Battle is like a cross between Janken and Risk, where you build up your troops (bolstered by StreetPass hits) and then take on other nations. How well you do is defined by how many troops and what sort of attack they use (in a Janken rock/paper/scissors type way). It’s very slow going though, building up your army to be big enough to defeat the next nation. Unless I’m missing something obvious.

StreetPass Mansion is part puzzle, part RPG where Miis you meet give you pieces of floor which you arrange in the mansion to create rooms. Put multiple pieces of the same colour together to make bigger rooms with better treasures, and put non-matching colours together to trigger battles where you fight ghosts. Your weapons can level up and be upgraded Fallout New Vegas style too. Lay enough floor tiles to reveal the stairs to the next floor. It’s really pretty good.

tumblr_n7ocn6ultr1svmpf2o1_400Nintendo Pocket Football Club (3DS)

Not doing too well in this at the moment. All my players are getting old and I’m unable to train up new players to replace them quickly enough. Also I’ve lost any chance of promotion from “The football icon” league, although I’m almost certain to end up in second place at, so I’m not too worried.

I’ve played a lot of online matches recently, mainly to farm cards, but I’ve been doing surprisingly well. Not enough to rise up the ranks much, but I’m certainly not dropping like I had been previously. Mind you, I’m picking my battles.

tumblr_n7w9sbxzkw1svmpf2o1_400Chibi-Robo: Let’s Go Photo! Demo (3DS)

I took a photo of my watch and it turned it into a badge. Then I cleaned up a kitchen with a sort of hoover thing, and chucked a load of rubbish in a robot bin blender thing. I had a conversation with a talking smartphone, and then wandered round a very small part of a very empty museum.

Which was all great. But I’m somewhat confused as to what all the cleaning up is for. One to wait for in a sale, I think. I’ll give it a miss at full price, not least due to having a trillion other games on the go at the moment.

tumblr_n7drd6fd641svmpf2o1_1280Theme Park (Mac)

Bought as part of the GOG sale, in a Bullfrog games pack. It’s as janky as I recall (although I mostly played the Amiga 1200 version, back in the day), slightly more so due to running under Dosbox.

I couldn’t remember how to research new things for ages, so only had the same few rides and shops for several game years. Then I remembered, but by then half my rides had exploded, everyone was too hungry and thirsty to stay, and nobody liked Vomit Park any more.

Then I screwed up salary negotiations and all my staff went on strike, during which the rest of my rides blew up.

All in all, rather successful, no?


Picross e3 (3DS): COMPLETED!

picrosse3Ta dah! There’s not much to say, really. It’s more Picross and I completed it.

I have two things to mention, though. The first is about the length of the game – it’s a good 8 hours shorter than Picross e2 (and about an hour shorter than the original), which is a bit disappointing.

The other thing is the Mega Picross puzzles. I don’t like them. They’re like normal Picross puzzles, only the numbers sometimes – but not always – span two rows or columns. For the easier puzzles, that’s fine, but some – the final one especially – don’t seem to be possible without guesswork, or at least some pretty shaky assumptions. It just adds a level of complexity that is unnecessary and unneeded.

Still, I did enjoy it, despite these two issues. Roll on e4…


Batman: Arkham Origins (Wii U)

tumblr_n73izflgay1svmpf2o1_1280Despite not “digging” the Arkham Asylum demo all those years ago, I got thoroughly hooked on the full game. This surprised me, as I’m normally not a fan of stealth action games, but you don’t have to play 100% stealth with Batman and even when you do, the hiding is varied and fun, rather than rigid and frustrating.

I played Arkham City and enjoyed that as well, although it wasn’t as good as the first game. The interior sections were great, but the outdoor city traversal bits didn’t really fit so well. I’d heard that Arkham Origins was a little further away from perfection again, but I figured that even it it was half as good as Asylum, it’d still be better than most other games.

Batman_realises_he_s_run_out_of_Mach3_blades_and_really_needs_a_shave.So far, I’ve been mostly right. It’s set before both previous games, but in the main city so much of the map I’ve been through so far is familiar, if a bit less run down and ruined. It’s still pretty much devoid of anyone bar thugs though, which seems silly.

The plot is mainly about Black Mask, a shadowy mafia type boss who has hired a load of assassins to bump off Batman, and Batman’s attempts to find both him and why he’s doing this. Although most of the assassins are lesser known Batman villains (at least one was created for this game, I believe), I’ve already come up against the Penguin in his arms dealer role. One of his floozies, Tracey, has this awesome British accent and kept saying I was “proper nawty”. Was almost a shame to break her arm and chuck her in a cage.

Would_you_kindly_find_the_PenguinI’ve had two boss fights so far. One was incredibly easy (literally one hit) with “The Electrocutioner”, who was all mouth and no trousers. The other was really pretty difficult against Deathstroke, who took a lot of counterattacking and bat-clawing to take down. Many, many retries there.

Aside from those bits, it’s all what is now pretty standard Batman fare. Picking off guards one by one by stringing them up, creeping up behind them, or grabbing them off ledges. Hacking computers. Scanning things in Detective Mode. It’s all the same as what went before, but that isn’t a bad thing as that’s what makes these games so good. That and the meaty you-can-feel-the-punches combat, anyway.

What isn’t good, and what seems to be a common thing with more and more games these days, are the bugs. Some really nasty ones which really break the game, and have been pretty frequent. There are two main recurring bugs I’ve come across: The first is when all the on-screen prompts disappear, which makes it harder in general but when it happened fighting Deathstroke and it’s essential for countering attacks, a nightmare. Image QTEs only without any prompts. Somewhat hard.

The other was when the camera decided to “lock on” to something which I’d been forced into looking at (e.g. another character), but was then never released properly, meaning I (as the viewer, not Batman himself) continued to look at the same point even when walking away from it. This also happened in the Deathstroke fight.

There are other bugs (I had a FMV sequence hang, but only for video – the sound, and then the game, continued but I couldn’t see anything but a frame of the video), but nothing as major as these. Just more sloppiness, I suppose. It’s a shame coming into another bugfest right after The Lego Movie videogame, but at least the game good enough that I still want to play it.


Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS): COMPLETED!

HNI_0088Before you complain that I can’t have completed it, because it’s Animal Crossing, hear me out. Sure, you can get 100% of the items in your catalogue. Or maybe get a Perfect Town rating for so many days. Or win all the trophies. There’s no real way to complete Animal Crossing as such, but you can complete certain goals.

I set myself a goal, and today, I hit my target.

HNI_0037What goal? To play Animal Crossing: New Leaf every single day for an entire year. And that’s exactly what I’ve done. 366 consecutive days. I’ve experienced every season, every event, every holiday, festival and scheduled special happening. 366 days. 500 game hours. Good grief.

Previous games in the series had either been played less frequently, or for fewer months in total (specifically the Wii version, where my Wii died after three months solid play and I lost my saved game), so this is the most, and most frequent, I’ve played an Animal Crossing game.

HNI_0073And it was fantastic. Never once a chore, no matter how repetitive. Always a joy, no matter the weather or villager mood. So much to do yet so little done. I’ve just realised, in fact, that I’ve not even been to the island since Christmas. I’d totally forgotten it even existed!

I’m not done yet. I’ll still play it, checking in every now and again, but I’m done with daily play. In a way I’m sad, but I’m also relieved because I can play some other games now instead.


Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom (Wii U): COMPLETED!

I_can_take_you.With Lego done and dusted I was all set to start on Batman: Arkham Origins but for some reason I decided to play this instead. I’ve been eyeing up the icon on the Wii U home screen for a while, thinking about finishing the other game in the Chronicles of Mystara package (I completed what turned out to be the second one a while back). So I did.

It’s not as polished as Shadow of Mystara, but then it is several years older. The graphics aren’t as good, the game is shorter with fewer branching paths, and I don’t think there are as many characters to choose from (I picked “Fighter” this time).

16bit_Skyrim.The main gameplay difference is how much more simple it is to select secondary weapons (like bows and magic) compared to the other game. This is probably down to having fewer options, but it means it’s a lot less fiddly. Having said that, they’re all pretty useless – aside from the oil “grenades” which you need to finish off trolls. Apparently they don’t actually die unless you burn them.

Can_t_be_anything_bad_behind_here__rightOh, and here’s a little hint for you: when you get asked if you want to take the long, easy route round a mountain, or the short route through the mountain BUT THERE’S A MASSIVE DRAGON WHO KILLS YOU IN ONE HIT, take the long route. Because I said “Pff, dragons schmagons”, and was asked if I was sure. “I can slay a feeble dragon!”. I was asked again if I was sure. “Yes! Let me at him!”. I was asked if I realised it was certain suicide. This went on for a while, but finally, I was allowed to fight the dragon.

Some 20 credits later, one dead dragon.

The end of game boss was a complete walkover in comparison. In fact, the whole of the rest of the game, including the Shadow Elf (who was pretty difficult, both times you fight him). Be warned.


The Lego Movie Videogame (Wii U)

All_the_world_is_waiting_for_you__And_the_power_you_possess_Just a quick post here, really, to say I’ve now 100%ed it. In total it took about 16 hours, so is definitely the shortest Lego game ever. Ever.

As it turns out, free play mode is even more full of bugs than normal Story mode. The main reason seems to be because of sequence breaking – all too often you can break the scripted sequence of the game (skipping areas or puzzles because you now have character abilities that allow you to), but most of the time this prevents the game from progressing as something later won’t trigger. The game should either prevent sequence breaking, or accept it and deal with it in the game logic.

So_many_hacking_minigamesSure, the same issues are in many Lego games, but nowhere near as frequent or serious as here! It all feels like the game was rushed and not playtested enough, which is a shame. Still, I did really enjoy it.

Except for one section. On the way to Flatbush Gulch you freefall through a portal. After a corner in the sort of tunnel you’re in, there’s a gold instruction page to grab. Which is impossible. Until you’ve tried it a million times, quitting to the hub (loading…) then reentering the level (loading…) each time. Over and over. And over. AND OVER. Gah.

Anyway, 100%, done, next!


Mario Kart 8 (Wii U): COMPLETED!

Blue_skies__Best_looking_game_ever.Before I start, no. I don’t have all the stars and all the kart pieces and won every cup on every CC. But I have 100%ed 50cc and am missing just one star on 100cc. Like previous Mario Kart games, I’m counting seeing the credits. And I’ve seen the credits.

Why haven’t I done 150cc? Because I haven’t yet. I keep meaning to, but the online – even against randoms – is just too easy to slip into and then two hours have gone by and you’ve forgotten to play offline. Again.

It’s really that good.


The Lego Movie Videogame (Wii U): COMPLETED!

tumblr_n6eqkywexu1svmpf2o1_1280I do love a good Lego game. I’m actually quite keen on the bad ones too, although there aren’t really any. None I’ve played, anyway, and I don’t count any Lego game that isn’t the now-standard collect everything smash everything OCDfest style Lego game.

However, despite all of them (even the Harry Potter ones) being generally fantastic, most are full of bugs. Very few have failed to not lock up my console at least once, and most have scripting errors where triggered events don’t trigger. This game, however, is the very worst when it comes to bugs. So. Many. Bugs. It’s like that bit in Wreck-It Ralph where all the eggs hatch.

Bugs, not limited to the following:

  • Console lockups (Wii U needs unplugging)
  • Controls simply not working
  • Player 1 suddenly controlling player 2 (and player 2′s controller doing nothing)
  • Wii U gamepad suddenly not showing that player’s screen
  • Scripted sequences not happening
  • Sound disappearing completely from cut scenes
  • Level music “running out”, leaving just sound effects
  • Being able to collect 4 of 3 instruction sheets
  • Being unable to progress past the level end score roundup thing
  • Getting stuck in scenery
  • The 10th gold brick in the bonus level (on top of the desk) not appearing
  • Being unable to grapple on Batman/Wonder Woman grapple points
  • Indestructible Micro Managers (which you have to defeat to progress)
  • Getting trapped in Brickburg hub was Lord Business with his big legs on
  • On screen prompts telling me to press Z or C when using a Controller Pro. Got that a lot. And B, when they mean Y
  • The dancing minigame not accepting any input from either controller
  • Being stuck as Angry Unikitty forever, meaning I can’t progress as she’s too big to enter a door
  • Once the game deciding I wanted to play split screen on the TV half way through a level instead of a screen each like for the whole of the rest of the game

Dance_magic_danceBUGS. And that’s not my only complaint. This game is really short. I think the previous most shortestest Lego game I’ve 100%ed was Lego Pirates of the Caribbean (which also happens to be the previous most buggiestest too), which I think took about 9 hours to finish, and about 30 to 100%. Lego Movie took 8 hours to finish, and 12 hours to reach where I am now at about 82%. The rest is just gold instruction manual and hidden pants mop up – I’ve done all the red bricks and characters already!

Dell_tasticBut none of this really matters because the game is great. The characters and cutscenes (mostly ripped right from the film) are great. It’s all great. But not Everything is Awesome, sadly.

Perhaps the release date was tight as it needed to tie in with the film. Perhaps it’s a bit simplified because it’s aimed a little more at kids than previous titles. Maybe it’s just the Wii U version hampered by all the bugs (although I suspect not). Whatever it is holding it back is a shame, but even the worst Lego game is still a great Lego game.


Mario Kart 8 (Wii U)

Winner_I’m not going to say very much about this apart from that I’ve spent many hours on it already today and it’s fantastic. No, it’s more than fantastic. Especially online, where I managed to hold my own. Which was nice.

I’ll post again with more details in the future, but for now, here’s my very first race:


Edge (Wii U): COMPLETED!

tumblr_n6761hae9e1svmpf2o1_1280None of the levels are especially hard, so it was only a matter of time before my play on this, sporadic as it was, brought me to the end.

Some levels were fun, and overall the game is good, but a few levels are ruined by making walls and floors move without giving you time to react. You have no option but to die, because you don’t know what is coming next. Sure, dying isn’t that terrible here – you’ve no limit on lives and you can still S rank a level even if you peg it multiple times – but those levels where you only progress a little bit further each attempt then die because something else unexpected happens, over and over, take something from the formula.

Still, it was less than two quid, kept me entertained for several hours (over many weeks), and the music and art style are both fantastic. Even if there aren’t enough tracks so they repeat just a little too frequently.

I’ve still got the bonus levels (bonus == optional) to finish off, so it’s not all over yet, but the main two game modes are done, so it’s completed in by book.


Scram Kitty and His Buddy on Rails (Wii U): COMPLETED!

First_quadkitty_completion_It has been a long time since I’ve been hooked on a shooter. Obviously, Scram Kitty isn’t just a shooter. It’s more a… erm, puzzle game? Platformer? All of the above?

It’s damn hard, that much is certain. So how come I got hooked on a shooter (not my sort of thing) which was damn hard (I’m a wuss with hard games)? Aside from it not being a shooter, of course. Despite all the shooting.

tumblr_n659sjjtjt1svmpf2o1_1280I don’t know. Some of it is the gorgeous pixel art. Some is probably the clever game mechanics of being stuck to rails and every surface having gravity. Some is the gotta catch ‘em all gameplay. The main thing is it’s addictive and I just wanted to keep playing.

Having now completed it, I’m not sure I’m as compelled to keep saving kitties as I was. You need 70 to open up the last level, and I suspect it’s 100 in total to get them all. I just don’t have the skill to do that. Hitting 70 was a struggle, and, truth be told, once I hit 50 I thought I was done. As fun as the game is, and as great as it feels to get all the kitties in a level, I just can’t bear to spend hours more chasing the same cat over and over.

tumblr_n659s4grt11svmpf2o1_1280I don’t think that matters though. I’ve had lots of fun and really enjoyed it. It’s definitely one of the better games on the Wii U eShop, and I can fully recommend it to anyone – shooter fan or not. It’s unique, stylish and rewarding.

And it’s full of cats. What’s not to love?


Super Mario Kart (Wii U): COMPLETED!

I_m-a_number_one_I’ve been picking at this for the last couple of weeks, doing a cup or two here and there. It still plays well, I still remember the tracks and most of the tricks, and I’ve found myself wanting Mario Kart 8 as a result. Previously I wasn’t really that fussed. Now, NEED.

I’ve done all of 50cc and most of 100cc so far, but I’ve seen the credits so it’s finished if not 100%ed. That’s not terribly important though!


Yoshi’s Story (Wii U): COMPLETED!

tumblr_n5vzilnfc81svmpf2o1_1280_pngYes, I know it’s not considered to be a great game. And I know it’s less than an hour long. And yes, I know it’s very, very easy. And I’m aware of how the graphics are a bit odd and how the viewport is too small and that the controls aren’t as tight as most Mario games. I know all this.

But it doesn’t matter because Yoshi’s Story is the most god damn happy game ever made and if you don’t grin from ear to ear for the entire duration you play, frankly you are dead inside and have no soul.

And I’ve just completed it on the Wii U, via the Wii. Because my daughter told me to. And it was great. So there.

Baa! Ba-ba-ba baaaa! Baa! Ba-ba-ba baaaa! Baa, ba-ba-ba baaaa, ba-ba-ba baaaa ba-ba-ba baaaaaaaaa!

The page was turned and the Yoshis grew happier.


Scram Kitty and His Buddy on Rails (Wii U)

MouseshooterA very nice person out there sent me a copy of this for my birthday, which luckily I received just a couple of hours before I was going to buy it anyway. Phew, eh?

A few years ago, probably when I got my free subscription to PS+ for that Sony hacking thing that happened just as I got my PS3, I played a game called “The 2D Adventures of Rotating Octopus Character”. You were an octopus that stuck to platforms and rotated round the outside of them. It was billed (at least, that’s my recollection) as a “one button” game, with that button being “jump”, which let you (obviously) jump – onto other platforms that you then started to rotate around.

It was quite basic, but enjoyable. I had one major concern though – having the octopus only able to rotate one way made the game unnecessarily harder and slower. I even complained about this to the developer. To which he replied “then press the reverse direction button”. facepalm.jpg.

tumblr_n5nlktyup21svmpf2o1_1280To be fair to me, the reviews (and, if I recall correctly, the PSN blurb) state it’s a one button game. At least, I think they did at the time. Which implies you only use one button. So why would I think there was a second button? Silly. Anyway, my PS+ sub ran out and with it the licence to play the game evaporated and that was that.

Until Scram Kitty came on the scene. From Dakko Dakko, the same developer as the aforementioned tentacle based title. Graphically, it’s totally different, and it certainly isn’t one (or even two) button controlled, but after playing it for a few minutes you realise that 2D Octopus is like a tech demo that had morphed into something really quite special.

tumblr_n5nlktyup21svmpf2o1_1280You still stick to walls and rotate around them, and you still collect things (dots rather than baby octopii), but now you’ve free control over the direction (and speed) of both rotation and jump, you’ve got guns, and every platform has its own gravity so there’s some Mario Galaxy style physics shenanigans as you navigate through the levels. You’ve also got a sort of fiery spin double jump which can cut through certain enemies and objects, and increase your jump height and distance so you can reach other platforms and pass obstacles.

The aim is to rescue Scram Kitty of the title, who appears to be trapped in a TV show which he’s forced to present (on the TV as you play on the Wii Gamepad) – the show following you as you progress through the game to rescue him. Imagine The Running Man only as well as saving yourself, you also had to save Damon Killian. Sort of. It doesn’t have to make sense.

Angry_catAlong the way you rescue other kitties. Aside from the first few “tutorial” levels, there are four kitties in each stage. One is rescued simply by reaching the exit. Another by defeating a Mouse Commander (a stronger enemy than most of the Mouse Grunts) then reaching the exit, a third by collecting all 100 dots in a stage (and again, reaching the exit) and the fourth which is impossible.

Well, usually impossible. Once you find him, he moves to another location and you’ve a short amount of time to reach him. When you do, he moves on again. Like The Littlest Hobo. Fail to get to him in time, and you have to try again from his start point. “Frustrating” is a gross understatement.

The map screen gradually unlocks as your rescued kittycount increases. Numbered doors open as you reach the required number of saved cats, allowing access to new levels. It works in a similar way to Mario 64′s stars, where you don’t have to collect all the kitties to progress, but doing so allows access to levels sooner.

Shoot__Use_the_missile___scramkittyAfter the first few levels I realised that some of the additional kitty challenges were currently beyond me. Some of the “main” kitty challenges, which “just” require reaching the exit are tough as nails as it is, but the other ones? No. Actual. Way. Until I’ve had a lot more practice, at least.

In the sort-of centre of the map, there’s a room with Scram Kitty on it, and a 70 Kitty Requirement for it to open. I don’t currently know if I just need to get 70 kitties and can then do this level to win the game, or if there’s more afterwards, but I’ve only 32 kitties so far and there’s a lot of map that isn’t open yet, so I’m nowhere near any sort of end.

Except perhaps my end, as it’s so damn hard. I’m not normally a fan of incredibly difficult games, but somehow that doesn’t matter here.


Things I’ve been playing recently

A few things that might not warrant a full post each. Or I’m lazy. Or both! Or neither.

Super Mario 64 (Wii U)

Technically, I’ve been playing this on the Wii U, but it’s actually the N64 game on the Wii Virtual Console via the Wii U.  Erm, but anyway.

I’ve not got very far in, and playing it was mainly to entertain my daughter, but I’ve picked up about 15 stars. It’s still one of the best games ever made, and as good as Super Mario 3D World is, this still bests it by a considerable margin. Not bad for a game that’s 18 years old!

tumblr_n5lyespnhy1svmpf2o1_400Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS)

It was my birthday, and the animals threw me a party! And some sent me (terrible) presents. But the thought was there.

I’m now just 4 weeks away from having played this for an entire year. I’ve still got so much to do – I’m nowhere near filling either the museum or my catalogue, and I still don’t have a police station. Still, I did manage to get a new tree stump pattern I’d not managed before. Looks like I might be playing this even after my 365 day stint is up…

tumblr_n5qgrqjqab1svmpf2o1_400Nintendo Pocket Football Club (3DS)

I’ve been promoted to the third league (the one with the football as the logo), and spent the summer training, playing Italy a lot (which gives you loads of cards), buying some new players (some of mine have aged already, and are dropping stats!) and preparing for the new season.

Which started badly as I lost my first game. Thankfully, it was only to the team that had just dropped down from the next league up, so I should still be able to beat everyone else. In fact, I have beaten two other teams already, so things are looking up!

I wish my striker, Jaimie, could manage more than two matches without getting injured though. Useless.


Katamari Forever (PS3): COMPLETED!

tumblr_n5dd6ic09d1svmpf2o1_1280I’ve completed this before, but only in one game mode – “Forever”. Randomly, my daughter asked me to play it again a few days ago (I didn’t even know she knew about it – she was two years old when I last put it on!) and I got a bit hooked again and played through it in Katamari Drive mode.

Which is basically the same game as before, only you move a lot faster.

This makes open levels with lots of things to collect a lot easier, and cramped levels (and those where you have to avoid certain objects) nigh on impossible. Still, I managed it and it was lots of fun because it is Katamari and Katamari is always fun and best and aces.

Lovely. Oh! And *PS3 GAME KLAXON*


Super Metroid (Wii U): COMPLETED!

tumblr_n5g6uku1xw1svmpf2o1_1280And that’s it. Samus saved the day (although, in the end, all she saved was herself – spoilers). The game was completed in 7 hours 40 minutes, and with a collected items percentage of 79. I’m surprised it’s as low as 79%, as although I didn’t attempt to get 100%, I did search pretty much everywhere and only knowingly missed three upgrades – two missiles that I saw but couldn’t figure out how to reach, and a Reserve Tank that I never actually saw. I got all the Energy Tanks though, as I assumed the final boss would be a nightmare and I’d want as much health as possible.

Insert_Cypress_Hill_reference_here.It’s genius, then, that how much health you have is completely irrelevant to the final fight. OK, so shooting Mother Brain Inna Jar is tricky with all the Evil Party Rings of Doom, but they don’t do a lot of damage and Mother Brain herself doesn’t attack until after the jar is destroyed, and it’s at that point health is pointless.

UmYou see, she transforms into a monster thing who unleashes everything at you, and is a rocket sponge. After all my missiles, super missiles and power bombs were depleted, she fired a multicoloured beam that drained me of almost all my energy (see? It doesn’t matter how much you have), then was about to finish me off when Baby Metroid (Oh! How he’s grown! Hasn’t he just? How adorable!) returned having almost sucked me dry not ten minutes earlier before he realised I was his mum. He then latched onto Mother Brain and appropriated her essential juices, before transferring them to me, restoring my health. In the process, Mother Brain reanimated and started attacking Baby Metroid, destroying her. Aww.

Worst_baddies_everStill, I’d recovered by then, and had a new rainbow beam power thing which made short work of what was left of Mother Brain, and then (of course!) a time bomb was triggered and I had to run back to my ship very fast. The end!

Yes, I’m aware I’ve missed out a lot of stuff from between my last post and the final boss. There’s just too much good to say about the game. I loved the pacing, the music and the exploration. There’s always something great about getting a new ability in games like this, that allows you to get past a room you were scratching your head over previously. Slowly building you up to be a virtually unstoppable powerhouse with each upgrade and item.

Almost_everything___supermetroidIt may be a game from 1994 (that’s TWENTY YEARS AGO), but it hasn’t aged. The pixels are still beautiful. The gameplay is timeless. Some people said they didn’t think it’d stand up today, especially coming to it now having never played it before (which I haven’t), but they were so very wrong. If this was a new release now, it would stand up perfectly against current titles. One of the best games I’ve ever played. I’m just amazed I’d managed to miss out on it for so long.


Super Metroid (Wii U)

That_s_one_doomed_Space_Marine_To my eternal shame, I have never completed Super Metroid. In fact, I’ve never played it for more than the first five minutes. I don’t know why I decided to rectify this situation now, but I did.

Maybe it’s the fun I had with of-the-same-era Earthbound, or maybe it’s a Backlog Fighter/OCD Unplayed Home Screen Games combo prompting me. I’ve always intended to play it, and I’m a big fan of the two GBA Metroid games so I was pretty sure I’d enjoy it. It just never happened. Until now!

So far, it’s been pretty much what I expected – similar to the GBA versions only with bigger and slightly worse looking sprites. I’ve never really played the original Metroid, or the Game Boy Metroid 2, so the intro to Super Metroid was a little lost on me as it (I presume) replays the ending to one or the other of those.

tumblr_n552oxtwo81svmpf2o1_1280The controls are a little odd, specifically pressing L and R to aim diagonally down and up respectively, but it didn’t take too long to get used to. Not having the map always on the Wii U Game Pad, although never going to happen, is a shame – especially after relying on it so much in Knytt Underground recently.

There’s very little signposting as to where you need to go, so I’ve found that if you’ve not unlocked the map you’ve no idea what lies in each direction so you’re exploring blind. Which is the point of an exploration based game, I suppose, but I get get somewhat lost for ages.

Well, not so much lost, more stuck. I’d descended into Norfair, picked up the high jump, and then couldn’t find anywhere else to go. I couldn’t backtrack as I needed the ice beam to freeze baddies to create steps, I couldn’t go another way because the room was too hot (I later found I needed the Varia Suit here), and another route was blocked as I couldn’t run fast enough. In addition, there was at least one yellow door which I didn’t have a weapon to open. Stuck.

Who_s_a_pretty_boy_thenUntil I found that bombing (literally) everywhere revealed a few extra areas – netting me the “Spazer” weapon and eventually access to Kraid, who was a lot easier than I was expecting once I saw he/she/it was three screens high. In fact, the enemies have been surprisingly easy so far. Knowing where to go, less simple.

After leaving Norfair though the overheated area, I found some new bits to explore which gained me the Speed Booster and, utilising this in Norfair where I previously couldn’t run fast enough, lead me to the Ice Beam and then another new area – leading me back to the planet’s surface via the Power Bomb, which can open yellow doors. Excellent.


Super Mario Bros 2 (Wii U): COMPLETED!

Dinner_time___spoilers_for__qazimod_Super Mario Bros 2 appeared on the Wii U Virtual Console months ago. I think it may have been one of the 30p games from a year ago. Either way, I’ve not played it since it came out, although I had reached level 5.

Spurred on by playing NES Remix 2 recently, of which Super Mario Bros 2 is a part, I thought I’d best finish up the full game properly, and so did.

Look_behind_you__A_three_headed_mon_uh__snake_It was much easier than I recall from the last time I completed it, which was on the NES soon after release, actually. This is probably because all the hard bits (in particular, the bosses) were part of NES Remix 2 and in some cases were trickier there due to additional rules or being unable to use my character of choice (Mario, obviously).

As a result, I cleared the remaining few levels in about half an hour and saw Wart off without any problems.


NES Remix 2 (Wii U): COMPLETED

FINALLYI loved the original NES Remix. Even though several of the included games were, er, not of the best quality (Pinball, Clu-Clu Land, Urban Champion, Golf), the package was fun and the challenges were great. Getting Remix 2 was always going to happen.

And it happened! And all was good.

404The selection of titles this time round seems much better. That’s not surprising as Nintendo have picked some later NES titles for this sequel – Metroid, Super Mario Bros 2 (and 3), Zelda II, Kirby’s Adventure, and what I believe is what the final official NES game, Wario’s Woods.

If you’ve played the first Remix, you know what to expect here. The bulk of the game is made up from playing short sections of the NES games, often with different rules (take no damage, collect X coins, you can’t jump, etc.). The rest of the game is taken up with remix levels.

Here, the games are modified more severely, such as being all in black and white, or the screen is upside down, but some are mashed up with other games. Collect all the coins in a Mario level, as Samus, for example. Disappointingly, and like the first game, these mash up levels aren’t as frequent as you’d hope. There are more in this outing, but still very few.

Nope.It is great, and technically – due to the better game selection – it should be better than the original, but it falls a little short. One reason is that it is generally a lot harder. Perhaps some people wanted this, but I found the first game just about hard enough. Here, I’m struggling to get even two stars on some challenges, whereas I got three stars without to much difficulty (comparatively) on most of Remix 1. A Kirby challenge where you can’t deflate, and a Punch-Out!! one where you have to beat a super powered Glass Joe (quickly!) almost caused the death of my gamepad.

Another reason is there doesn’t seem to be as many games. I’ve not counted, but I’m sure there aren’t. Certainly, in the unlocked Bonus section, there’s just one – the terrible Ice Hockey game. I’m sure the original had more.

Secret_Weegi__That_s_two_I_ve_seen_now.__yearofluigiFinally, there’s the many Mario challenges. We’ve already done Super Mario Bros, so adding The Lost Levels here doesn’t really feel like adding a new game – it’s just a retread.

Having said that, there are two pretty big additions to this iteration. Firstly, despite just missing out on The Year of Luigi, is the inclusion of Super Luigi Bros. Sure, it’s just Super Mario Bros, but mirrored horizontally so you now run right to left instead of left to right. Luigi’s physics more closely match his strange jump movement of more recent games too.

Super_Weegi_BrosSecondly, there’s Championship Mode. Here, three challenges are thrown at you and when you complete them you’re put on a worldwide leaderboard. It’s supposedly set up to resemble ye olde Nintendo Championships, and works well. There’s only one set of three challenges so far, but I presume others will follow.

As you can see from the title of this post, I’ve completed NES Remix 2.  I don’t have all the stars (I’ve about 410 overall, I’m not sure how many there are in total – I’d guess around 500), but I’ve completed every challenge in the game and unlocked all the Remix and Bonus challenges (and beaten them, too).

Worst._Challenge._Ever.It’s definitely worth a purchase, and certainly a lot of fun, but some better challenge choices and more work on mashups would have bumped it up the “needometer” a little. The replay option (you can even replay how people who posted on Miiverse played, which is nice) is a great addition but ultimately doesn’t fix the few slight issues.

And the challenge where all you have to do is watch the “how to play” demo on Kirby’s Adventure? What? Who thought that would be a good idea?


Nintendo Pocket Football Club (3DS)

tumblr_n4ci3vdlc81svmpf2o1_400Those of you who know me are well aware of my level of love for football. The world’s most popular sport. The beautiful game. It’s all rubbish, innit. 22 overhairdressed pansies kicking a bit of pig around for 90 long minutes. Have you seen Robbie Savage? Good lord.

My forays into football games have been short and infrequent. I’ve booted a ball about variously over the years in PES and FIFA and so on, but nothing has ever held my attention since Sensible Soccer. And not even the XBLA remake – the original, on the Amiga, in the early 90s.

tumblr_n4akdjffz01svmpf2o1_400I did once get slightly addicted to a football manager game, which may or may not have been Football Manager (not the Kevin Toms seminal classic for the Spectrum), but that’s it. Until now.

Some months ago, perhaps years, Nintendo released shots of Calciobit. A 3DS update to a GBA game of the same name that I’d never heard of. It looked a lot like Sensible Soccer, but it appeared to be a management simulation. Interest pique++, but the chances of it ever appearing outside of Japan were slim to none, and so I was disappointed. Disappointed about a football game that might not come out in the UK. I’ve changed, man.

Then some astounding news – Nintendo were translating it and punting it onto the eShop as Nintendo Pocket Football Club. And I was there, virtually queuing up for a Day One purchase. That was about 10 days ago. I’ve sunk over 30 hours in already. Hooked.

tumblr_n46khijjaa1svmpf2o1_400Things started out badly. My squad simply couldn’t play. I lost almost every game in the bottom league for the first half of the season and although I’d then figured out how best to obtain and use training cards (protip: play online lots) it was by then too late and I finished in 3rd place. My first, and only, Cup match ended with my pink boys (home strip is rainbow, away is pink, because reasons) suffering 7-0 loss which I couldn’t bear to watch after five minutes. Shambles.

Thankfully, my second season following an intensive summer of training couldn’t have been more different. Just five matches in and I’m top of the table with a 5 point buffer. The problem I have now, though, is I’m overworking my best players. I’ve had Jaimie – my star striker – injured twice already due to playing him hard, and I’ve been needing to introduce fallow weeks in the schedule to stave off player-death. Frustrating when all I want to do is train them and train them and train them.


Oh, and if you want to see my stats, click here.

Tracking my gaming. For great victoly!