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147 Adventure 128k Enhanced (2000)

FACT: Games are all about gameplay – not graphics.
FACT: Everyone loves snooker.

Therefore, a snooker game with no graphics must be A WINNER! And lo, it isn’t. This is snooker in text adventure form! No need for flashy graphics, ball mechanics or even fluke shots – the aim is simply to “pot as many balls as you can”. All of them, in fact!

128k Enhanced Version includes Blue Text! L@@K! R@RE!

  • Wrong URL Included! (again)
  • Tedius Text Input! (again)
  • No Sound! (again)
  • Not As Bad As The Non-Enhanced Version!

“75p and a packet of Rolos” – Llama Wax Len
“12%, not a patch on the original” – Crash!
“Almost as boring as me” – Nigel Mansell

Beat The Spot (2000)

Bringing home the fun and playability of the Arcade Classic (which was never produced), Beat The Spot is a stunning game of putting mind over matter.

Hammer your keyboard in terror as the spot appears – quickly now! It’s only there for a split second!

Beat The Spot is guaranteed to keep you glued to your Speccy. Mainly because the colour scheme is so awful you burn your retinas out and you are left incapable of sight, meaning you daren’t move in case of causing injury to yourself or others!

  • Gratuitous Use Of Colour!
  • Amazing Title Screen!
  • “So Simple It’s Pointless” Gameplay!
  • Bangin’ Soundtrack by Fat Boy Slim!*

“Flash! Ahh-ah!” – Queen
“Colours, maaaan” – Stoned Geezer
“That’s Magic!” – Paul Daniels

*Due to technical limitations, this statement is a blatent lie.

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