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Catch The P (2000)

The Evil Letter P is loose!

Using only your annoying controls, you have to chase and Catch the P! Using the power of Badly Written Screen Updating, you may be distracted as the P appears in two places at once! And you also seem to vanish randomly!

Do not be fooled by the way in which the P always ends up in one of the corners of the screen where it cannot run away.

  • Filmed in FlickerVision!
  • Left-Handed Play!
  • Other Stuff!

“Boing, Splat!” – A Mad Person
“The answer’s D you fool!” – sirclive in #speccy
“Port Vale! Port Vale!” – Crowd in SWOS

147 Adventure (2000)

FACT: Games are all about gameplay – not graphics.
FACT: Everyone loves snooker.

Therefore, a snooker game with no graphics must be A WINNER! And lo, it isn’t. This is snooker in text adventure form! No need for flashy graphics, ball mechanics or even fluke shots – the aim is simply to “pot as many balls as you can”. All of them, in fact!

  • Wrong URL Included!
  • Tedius Text Input!
  • No Sound!
  • Not As Good As The Enhanced Version!

“That’s got to hurt” – Boxing Commentator
“99%!1!!!!! A Crash! Smash!!!!11!” – Crash!
“Almost as boring as me” – Steve Davis

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  1. March 26, 2014

    […] Many, many, many years ago, I wrote a terrible text based roleplaying game called RSG. I initially made a version for the Sinclair Spectrum, but lost the code soon afterwards. Then I wrote a version for the Acorn A4000 in BBC Basic instead of doing my A level computing project. Then a version for the Casio programmable calculator when I’d finished a physics exam. At some point I also made a version in AMOS on the Amiga, and eventually rewrote it for the Spectrum for the 1999 comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Competition. […]

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