cgc028starwars_inlayStar Wars

Stu Carter

Starglider’s Review:

You are placed in-game, in the scene of the trash compactor. You must avoid not only the ever moving wall, but the radioactive worm (Wha…?). Fair enough I suppose, but why are there random blocks appearing on the screen as well? What’s with the U for up, D for down etc… method of controlling??? Seriously, this is one screwed game. I love it!The icing on the cake is the Darth Vader Theme playing “IN GAME”. Really terrible! I’m so giving this 9/10!


Allen Doe

Starglider’s Review:

Again, fancy loading screen=no extra points. Still it does look like the guy on the right would shortly make seriously painful contact with the guy on the left’s knackers! Another fancy ingame screen detracts for only so long the incredibly easy beat-em-up game. If you simply move close enough and repeatedly hit either M or N you really can’t lose! Because it is too easy, it becomes crap, and that’s good in my book.

Still that aside, it was a game that really didn’t bother me either way. So an average 5/10 for that.

cgc030Drinking Game Simulator

Niall Wallace

Starglider’s Review:

Try to guess the *whatever* the computer is thinking of. get it wrong, you take a drink.The fundamental problem in guessing, is that the game will guess of anything in the ASCII code, not just a letter, so it could be a basic command, a symbol or a colour. Certain guesses will cause the game to crash, so only a random number of guesses will work before the game is essentially over. Genius cheatingbastness from the game!

Even better is the sheer 5 minute job the game obviously is, with only 10 lines of basic.

For this, it scores a most respectable 7/10

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