cgc010Election ’05


Starglider’s Review:

First thing you see is a terribly coloured loading screen of Maggie Thatcher, although the fact the loading screen is named “Hail Satan” made me chuckle.Don’t even bother trying to read the scrolly text once loaded, as it goes really too fast. Again, another nice touch.

In-game, it’s been nicely presented, but the whole game is really a random chance of winning. I had a couple of goes, and the BNP party won first time, the Lib Dems the second, so it’s not really accurate by any means!

I can only score this an average 5/10, because the good way it’s been made. Multi-coloured border bars??? Come on!

Dunny’s Review:

A game about the recent election has to be entertaining, yes? You’d not be wrong. Chaosmongers has taken the 5 yearly circus and turned it into a laugh a minute romp through the nastier side of tabloid reporting which in turn affects the results dramatically. No manifestos for these parties – it’s sensation all the way. Presentation sparkles all the way through, and a strange level of gameplay arises from the wheel of fortune screen when you realise that the same numbers results in the same behaviour from your party. Just got to try and hit that number 6 again… Flash border effects abound, with barely readable scrolly text and annoying sound effects to complete the package. Unfortunately, it’s far too playable, despite the copouts with the scores at the end. It’s accurate though, I’ve not seen Labour lose yet.

I’d give this one 5/10, as like Spot the Dot II it’s quite a playable and addictive little game, and not nearly crap enough.

cgc011jumpinlayJUMP! The Ultimate Platform Game

Quique Llaría

Starglider’s Review:

Stop with the good loading screens! It loses you points for effort! mind you, the terrible BEEPer version of the classic 80s song “Jump” made me laugh!This game is well made! It’s got nice graphics, and SHOCK HORROR! Sound effects! No no nooooo!

Point missed totally, and scores a pitiful crap score of 2/10

cgc012Beachy Head Simulator

Paul J

Starglider’s Review:

A simple premise; jump off Beachy Head. Although no controls were described, the average specchum could quickly work out the usual setup. Like the Sea Simulator game though, this loses serious points from actually working. And there’s smooth animation in both moving *and* jumping! So for that, this scores only a 5/10. It would’ve been worse, but the cliff drawing was quite funny, and I’ve yet to work out a way to actually score any points.

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