cgc031Spam Coupe

Ben Rapier

Starglider’s Review:

Well, it’s a Sam Coupe emulator. Except it’s not. It’s just the boot screen and font of the Coupe. And it’s not a game. Disqualified!


Allen Doe

Starglider’s Review:

Well, it’s kinda like Tetris, but single items fall down of different types. You have to match three of them to remove them from the board. Three of the same colour scores points. It plays fairly well, which is a bad thing, but one thing i did notice is that the game doesn’t actually end, since if you leave the blocks to fall (and eventually reach the top of the screen), the game doesn’t end. It just shows the next block at the top and never ends.For that short-sightedness, it gains a point. But if you play properly, it’s a proper game, and it works well too.

So it unfortunately scores a low 2/10

cgc033blaster2Block Blaster

Allen Doe

Starglider’s Review:

Listen here, I’m not gonna add points for using a fancy loader for your game!!! The game itself isn’t too bad. No points gained there. Points are gained however for giving so little ammo, jerky animation and only okay key responses. I got to level three. I can guess that by level 5, the cavern is so tight that it becomes a very frustrating game, since you only get one life!

So given those gaming shortsights, this scores 5/10

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