cgc013The Cannonball

Grecu Cristian

Starglider’s Review:

“Made In Romania” says the first screen, to a tune of what sounds like completely random notes. Since I know of no other romanian Spectrum programmers, I cannot judge whether this is from the cream of programming talent, or the worst. Still, it crashed the moment the game started in 128k mode.But once I did get the game running, it’s actually a quite playable game, with nice simple images and animation. If it was released in 1982, and for the the educational market, I wouldn’t be surprised if I had seen it in schools.

So for that, it scores an incredibly low 1/10

cgc014Flight of the Condor Simulator

Chris Thomson

Starglider’s Review:

This game reminded me of Crap Castle Master. You are a condor, flying over a mountainous landscape. Sounds fairly decent, except that it take about 8 seconds to draw each frame, and your condor moves up and down on a per pixel basis. Play the game on a sped up emulator, and it looks quite nice, but you can fly through the landscape, and I didn’t see any inca thingys or anything, so it’s really dull!

But scoring must be based at the speed of a real spectrum, and for that I score this 6/10. It’s dull, and plain, but still faster than Castle Master!


Wayne Marsh

Starglider’s Review:

I lost two lives before I even knew what I was supposed to be doing. Since I couldn’t break into the game, and there was no instructions or anything, I was lost. Nice! The premise is simple, press SPACE to shoot your gun to hit the block moving side to side before it moves low enough down the screen to hit the image on-screen. Simple!

Even though it *is* a crap game, I did find myself wanting to get further in (I got to the pyramid screen – number 4 I think), so there are some gameplay issues there – as in there is a little.

Other than that, quite terrible. A deserved 6/10 for this!

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