Steven Holland

Starglider’s Review:

You have to escape the maze in 50 moves or less. Except you can’t. There’s no way to win. It just randomly generates how many possible exits there are, and whatever you pick will just lower your move counter by one. Great! A 5 minute wonder to annoy you for a while! 6/10


Chris Young

Starglider’s Review:

In theory it’s the annoying popular Sudoko game that swept the nation. In reality, I’ve not been able to play the game yet, because after choosing a level, it just sits there, generating the grid (I assume), flashing “Impossible Sudoko”, and then generating again!

That sucks – extra points! But because I couldn’t play a single game, it puts me in a tricky position again. Does that score an extra point for that? Tough one. I’ll give this 4/10. I feel that is generous too!

cgc024Name That Game Simulator

Steven Holland

Starglider’s Review:

Trying to emulate the Name The Game threads that frequently appears on World Of Spectrum’s Forum, you must correctly identify the right game from the description given. First go was quite funny, and I will fully admit that I didn’t get the last one right first time (Then I got the joke).

But second go was the same as the first.

And the third too. It’s not random – it’s the same game every time!

Genius! Genius I tell you! It also scores extra points for the use of the STOP statement and the great mis-spelling of words in the “posts”. 7/10

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