cgc016OLinvade-inlayOne Life Invaders


Starglider’s Review:

It’s space invaders again, but this time, it’s well programmed, with a great main menu design. But the twist here, is that it’s even easier to play! There’s only one single line of aliens, and they don’t shoot back. Also you can fire up to 4 bullets in a row. the
only slight annoyance is the moving shields that can get in the way a bit. But it’s entertaining for one, maybe two waves. After that, it gets really dull!

For that, and the great presentation, it scores a slightly below average 4/10

cgc017Super Bust Out! [ZX81/TS1000]

William Hicks

Starglider’s Review:

Cannot review yet as I have no ZX81 emulator

cgc018Advanced Sea Simulator

Quique Llaría

Starglider’s Review:

“Only for Spectrum 128k!”. Good start. If this was a real release, the author would’ve wiped out more than half of his potential audience right there. But then nothing. An “OK” message at the bottom and that was all. I listed the program. Yup, just 3 lines, so I ran it again. But this time I got the full effect – I CAN HEAR THE SEA! The fundamental problem with this one is two-fold though; it actually works, and it isn’t a game. So serious points are lost here.

A very poor 1/10 for this effort.

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