Paul E. Collins

Starglider’s Review:

Defuse the ticking bombs. Do as many as you can before the timer runs out. Simple really. And it plays well. but when you get to a bomb, the timer increasing in time only by a couple of seconds, and eventually, there’s not enough time to actually get a bomb after approximately 25 of them (the exact number depends on how randomly close the next bombs are placed to you).So for the game being quite responsive and simple to play, it drops points, but for the bastard timer, plus points!

Tricky, but I can give this only 5/10

cgc020Beachy Head vs Advanced Sea Simulator


Starglider’s Review:

The game previous to this one I reviewed was Beachy Head Simulator, and I referenced the Sea Simulator in that review, so loading this one up afterwards did make me laugh quite’s actually no different at all to BHS, but like the main title screen suggests, it’s literally a MERGE of both games, so you now get the sounds of the sea while you plummet to your death.

For that, it gains a point. Still too much programming effort made on the animation, but trying to cash in by expanding on the “feel” of the location (and doing a Harry S. Price too with another game) is good. 6/10. I still can’t work out how to score in it though.

cgc021Missile Attack

Ben Rapier

Starglider’s Review:

Protect your bases from the falling weapons of mass destruction the instructions go. It’s basically Missile Command, but it’s quite a playable version of it! I really enjoyed this, and had several goes. This does drastically reduce the score I’m afraid though!

I have to give this 3/10 – It would score lower if it wasn’t so easy to get into!

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