cgc034The A-Team

Quique Llaría

Starglider’s Review:

Right off the bat, I have to say this: People, lose the fancy loading screens! It loses you points for effort! Mind you, the colours on the faces do make it fairly amusing, so not the end of the world here. Then onto the game…Well, for a start I was worried. There was the whole opening speech, written in proper english, with no spelling mistakes, and presented fairly well. Not a good start. And
then the title, with imitation gun shots and *drawn* logo! No! Getting worse, it’s almost impressive! But all was saved when the theme tune played. It was like the author started off well, then got bored and could be bothered to find the right notes for the last third of the tune. Great stuff!

The game starts after a little intro animation. Again, a point had to be lost for being fairly accurate, if all done with UDG’s (note to author, since when has an episode of the A-Team had the “hoods” beat up the poor victim with two bats so much that they ended up as a bloody mess on the floor???).

The game though is quite well presented. The controls are responsive, the whole score/info part of the screen is nice, and extra effort was made to give the impression of a moving road with a cunning flashing border trick on the side of the roads. Deary me. There’s even quite acceptable collision detection too.

In total, a crap score of 4/10.

cgc035Bargain Buckets

Allen Doe

Starglider’s Review:

“Probably better with 3 people at the controls!” the main screen informs me. And the author’s right. This game is physically impossible without three. Oh yes, you can try, you may get lucky, but in the end, your energy drops ever so steadily when playing alone. At the time of reviewing, there were two people handy to help me out with this. Firstly the main problem was getting three people to be able to reach the controls. They are stacked right above each other, so it becomes a tangle of fingers.

Programming wise, there has been effort made, which loses a couple of points. You can indeed have three totally independent movements from your buckets with no loss of control on anyone. The collision detection is terrible though. Your bucket has to be in precisely the right place to catch a droplet.

This game is crap, for all the right reasons. 7/10

cgc036Moped Glory

Allen Doe

Starglider’s Review:

Control the bike in a random map, and pull bunny hops. Erm… that’s not what actually happens in the game though. Pressing up makes me do a wheelie (I think) and pressing down causes the game to start again. Poorly written, annoying introduction you can’t get out of. half-arsed loading screen.

Pretty much all the ingredients for a crap game! 7/10

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