cgc040Unusual Lumberjack Adventure

Matt Rudge

Starglider’s Review:

In this text adventure, you are a mighty lumberjack, and you must learn the art of cutting down trees.Now, I’ve not been very good at text adventures, and I really had no idea what to do to win the game, but it all worked, and that’s a baaaad thing! Hell, it even remembers where you dropped stuff and what you have!

But it is a crap game nonetheless! So this gets a 5/10.


Simon Owen

Starglider’s Review:

If someone can tell me if it’s supposed to flip and mirror the Sinclair Copyright message on the screen and then do nothing? If so, it’s disqualified for not being a game. If not, it’s still disqualified, because I’m a bastard like that!

cgc042Deal or No Deal

Chris Young

Starglider’s Review:

It’s Deal Or No Deal, the computer game version of the Noel Edmonds fronted show. And since I never watched that, I had no idea (at first) what to do. But once I got the hang of it……it’s quite an addictive game! I got quite excited – well, as much as you can do with a CGC entry – when the boxes dwindled down and the high value boxes were still available.

But this means it’s a good game! Poor, Poor effort! 2/10

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