cgc043Advanced “Old Moore’s Almanac” Simulator

David Mackenzie

Starglider’s Review:

Right… you make a prediction, you say when it will happen, and then the game tells you to wait until after that date and tell it if it really happened. If it did, you score a point! What a fantastically stupid game. After one go, I thought to myself “CRAP! CRAP! CRAAAAP!”. For that, I give it a good 8/10 score!

cgc044Game of Sand

David Mackenzie

Starglider’s Review:

Get the falling sand into the pit below, by selectively removing lines that get in the way. ARGH! There are roughly 100 grains of sand onscreen, and they all move one at a time. That’s slow enough, but since I waited for ages to be able to select or remove a line with no luck, it became boring beyond belief!

I almost lost the will to live, and that adds a point to the score! 7/10

cgc045Dark Room Simulator 3D

Hajo Spuunup

Starglider’s Review:

This is the sequel to Dark Room Simulator, but now in 3D – and it sure likes to boast about it. “100% Machine code” is impressively shown onscreen (A lie), and very fancy text fonts is used too. All this drops points for crapness!the game itself is pointless, a saving grace. You still see absolutely nothing, except text adventure style descriptions of what’s happening. Pressing the QAOP buttons results in you bumping into things you can’t see, or the game warning you to watch out for a polygon – that you cannot also see.

For the slight originality in claiming it’s in 3D is quite amusing, and I’ll give this a crap score of 6/10

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