cgc025langtonsantinlayLangton’s Ant

Soup Dragon

Starglider’s Review:

This is not a game. It’s a simulator of a two dimensional Turing machine (as quoted in the information section). Basically, you just watch a pixel move around the screen randomly and ends up (after a long while) with a picture.Dull! And disqualified for not even being a game. Tsk!


Guillermo Castarés

Starglider’s Review:

First up, it’s not in english, which added a small challenge to work out the main menu. It wasn’t too hard for the hardcore speccy fan, so I worked out quite easily what was “define keys” and “start game”. I don’t get the idea of the game, but it so clearly loses, because it’s an isometric 3D game – IN BASIC! And it works! It’s even got some well designed sprites too!

For this, it scores a terrible 1/10

cgc027Harry The Magical


Starglider’s Review:


What the hell do I do? I get the old style Zelda graphics, and the nice presentation, the pointless option to redefine the keys (which doesn’t work). But I moved from one place to the next, twice managed to end up somewhere completely, getting completely stuck, and gave up after about 3 minutes.

Nice one! 7/10

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