cgc037Waku Waku Move!

Paul E. Collins

Starglider’s Review:

WOAH! Unpacking??? AY sound detection? Actual decent AY music??? proper title screen? NO! WRONG! You’re not gonna win that way!The game itself I think is supposed to be a version of those PS2 dance mat games. I can’t see how you can’t score though. I left the thing alone and was still scoring. But for the sheer effort in making it look and sound decent means it has no chance of winning this year! 1/10

cgc038War of the Worlds

Ben Rapier

Starglider’s Review:

Another decent loading screen, only saved by a crap rendition of the Jeff Wayne “Eve Of The War” rendition. The game is that your garden has been ravaged by the red weed, and you must use your weapons to help save the planet.Before you even get your hopes up, It’s the lawnmover simulator engine powering this baby and… well, you can work out the rest! I’ll give it 5/10. There’s only so many LMS variants you can play in one lifetime!

cgc039The George Best Deathbed Simulator

Alex Taylor

Starglider’s Review:

The title of this game alone made me spit out my drink in laughter. Score a point right there!And I didn’t stop laughing when I played the game too. It’s a very accurate insight into the mind of George Best as he approaches the end of his life. Take medicine, or take a drink. Whatever you choose will be what the real George would’ve done. And I kept on laughing.

A very respectable 9/10 here. Nice use of the STOP statement too.

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